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Tony KalamaKarate Instructor


SENSI, Anthony “ KOA” Kalama

5th degree Black Belt

Founder of the HI. CHI. TAI. Kenpo Mix Martial Arts System.

I am the Proud Father of 7 Children.

I’ve been a student of the martial arts for over 30 years.

My Styles include:

“Lua”  Hawaiian Martial Arts.  My family  was one of the key practitioners of this art and has been in practice for over 1500 years.  The knowledge has been passed down through time with little change:    Hawaii, 33 Years of devotion.

CHI HA Karate, by Grand Master Harry Kahalii:  Nevada, achieved 5th Degree.

Master Toddy’s Muay Thai kickboxing:  Nevada, achieved 5 years.

American Kenpo Ed Parker system:  California, achieved 2nd degree.

David Masters  Jujitsu:  Nevada, achieved  Brown Belt.

10 years ARMY Ranger “Retired”

Self defiance and close quarter combat instructor for Law enforcement and Security programs.

EX- under card Pride fighter with professional record of: 12Win-1Loss-2Draws.

In keeping with traditions I am proud to teach:  honor, courage, self respect, discipline, pride and self accomplishment.  All of these are key factors in everyday life.

With a strong spirit a strong body and mind will emerge.