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Pamela Ann School of dance strives to provide you the best and most professional dance experience possible. We ask that all students and parents read and follow the expectations below to help and allow our studio to grow and become a great dance family.

General Requirements

  1. No one is allowed in any studio without a teacher present, without permission
  2. No food, drink or gum in the classrooms. Only water is allowed.
  3. No running or horseplay anywhere in the studio.
  4. No street shoes on the dance floors.
  5. Missed lessons should be made up in a class of same level, a level above, or a level below. Classes must be made up in the same style of dance and within the same month. If class of the same style is not available see the front desk about makeups. Contact the front desk when making up a class.
  6. Parents must notify the studio if their child will not be attending class.
  7. Do not leave children, unattended in the reception area.
  8. There will be a $35 fee on all returned checks.
  9. Arrive on time, or a bit early, and prepared for classes including attire. We respect that every one has a schedule. Please respect ours by having your child to class on time and not interrupting class by coming in late. Older dancers should arrive early enough to allow themselves to warm up their muscles prior to class start.

Students Requirements

  1. Students are required to wear the correct dance attire to classes (See class page for required attire).
  2. Shoe strings should be tied in a knot and tucked in your ballet shoes. Tie all shoes in a double knot so they don’t come untied during class (Tap, Hip Hop & Break).
  3. Please do not wear underwear under girls’ leotards when wearing tights. (Traditionally tights act as underwear).
  4. Students hair is to be pulled back off the face in a pony tail. For ballet hair is to be pulled up into a bun.
  5. Students entering class late must enter the classroom quietly so as to not disrupt the class.
  6. Teachers and all adults will be referred to as Miss or Mr by the students inside the studio or at any studio function.
  7. Students must be ready and in class on time.
  8. Students are required to listen when the teacher speaks.
  9. There is no idle chatter allowed in class unless authorized by the teacher. Questions are welcome and encouraged with a raised hand.
  10. NEVER touching or hitting the mirrors or windows — a very important safety issue.
  11. Students must always pay attention during class and be prepared for their turn.
  12. Students are always required to ask before leaving the room for any reason.
  13. Students will applaud their teacher at the end of class.
  14. No gum, drinks other than water, or food are allowed to be brought into the classrooms.
  15. Students should never hanging on the barres.
  16. All trash must be cleaned up and put in the proper place after each class.
  17. No street shoes on the dance floors.

Parent Requirements

  1. Knocking before entering the classroom if a class is in progress.
  2. Standing away from the observation window if it becomes obvious that students are being distracted.
  3. Dropping off and picking students up promptly before and after class.
  4. Making appointments to meet with the teacher if a particular conversation is expected to exceed more than a few minutes.

Proper hygiene is essential in all aspects of life. It is very hard to approach a child or parent about a lack of cleanliness or a foul body odor. However, in a dance studio where activities induce sweat and children are moving through the space, odors can become a terrible distraction and an embarrassment for the child, should a classmate be insensitive and say something out loud. To avoid these problems, please be sure all dancewear is laundered after each wearing; hair should be clean and pulled back properly, and deodorant should be a consideration for all students age 7 and up for dance class. Please, NO PERFUME prior to class as this will cause a terrible odor, as well as aggravate allergies of other students.

Please make sure that your child goes to the bathroom right before you leave home or before they start class (5 and under). This will ensure that your child will not miss out on valuable lesson time while they are in the bathroom. This will also eliminate multiple kids having to go to the bathroom at the same time and the disruption of class that this can cause.



Studio Policies


  1. Tuition: is due on the 1st  of every month.  There is a grace period of 7 days.  On day 8 you will be assessed a late fee of $10. If you are not current by the following month then the student will not be permitted back in class until the outstanding balance is paid. Our season runs from August 25 through June 6. Monthly tuition is always billed the same regardless of how many classes are offered in a particular month.  Some months there will be 3 classes and some will have 5.  This includes holidays, which we will be closed Christmas, Spring Break, etc. We will have extra rehearsals for special events and our recital which we will not charge extra fees for, just your normal monthly tuition.  Monthly tuition runs from September through June. Tuition is non refundable. 
  2. Payments: We accept checks, cash, debit, or credit cards.  We also provide auto-pay this can be set up filling out the auto pay form on our website and contacting the front desk. Auto-pay will be run on the first of every month and will do so until a stop payment form or a drop slip is filled out and returned to the front desk. The stop payment form or drop slip must be filled out 30 days prior to stopping payment. If the form is not filled out your account will continue to be charged at the pre-approved amount. If the forms are not turned in 30 days in advance your account will be charged the pre-approved amount for 1 additional month after the forms are turned in. There is a fee of $35.00 for any returned check.  There are NO refunds for any pre-paid tuition or fees. This includes costume deposits.
  3. Attendance: It is very important that you show up to class on time and prepared every week.  The students who come to class every week get much better results than those who do not attend class.  If you are unable to attend we require that you call the studio ahead of time so we are aware. If you do not call and your child is not in class we will be calling you. If you need to make-up a class you may take a level above or below your class.  The class must be made up within the month that it was missed. Dance is a disciplined art and it does require repetition to achieve optimal results.
  4. Attire: Please review the attire list on the class pages located on our website for the correct attire for you students classes. Correct attire is required for all classes, this is part of the respect of the art as well as respect for the studio, teachers and other students. Students will be asked to leave if they do not have the proper attire. The proper attire is required to also help the student learn the art of dance properly so they can see what their bodies are doing and not have clothing interfering with the learning process. The proper attire for most classes can be purchased at the front desk. Do keep in mind shipping times my be involved so order early.
  5. Private Classes: Any Students wishing to take a private class is urged to make a season long commitment. Please call or see the front desk to schedule.
  6. Class Observation:  Parents may watch class through the observation window.  If students seem distracted by parents watching in the windows we do ask that parents move away as to not disrupt class. We do not have parents in the studio because it easily distracts the children as well as take away from the learning space needed for the students.  You are welcome to come into the studio when the teacher opens the door for the last 5 minutes of every class.
  7. Dropping a class:  Please fill-out a drop class form 30 days prior to dropping a class. If you are signed up for auto-pay program payments will continue to be taken out of your account until a drop form is signed and returned to the front desk 30 days prior to dropping a class. If the form is turned in less than 30 days prior you will be charged the pre-approved amount 1 additional month after the form is turned in.
  8. Information:  There is a bulletin board in the lobby that will be updated with any pertinent information.  (Please note it is the parents responsibility to read the board every week)  We will also send out emails so make sure that you have your email listed on the bottom of this form or included in your registration information and it is always current.  Please add Pamela Ann School of Dance to your contacts so we do not go into your junk mail.