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Peter HundleyAfter a freak accident in a boxing ring, Peter “Gizmo” Hundley turned to dance to fill that competitive and athletic void he was missing. He always trained in basic ballroom in order to facilitate his boxing, but his interest to pursue Hip-Hop, Popping, Locking, House, and B-Boying grew once he became more serious and interested in dance. His style encompasses all that he has learned and trained in, giving his style of dance a very distinct feel and look. Through his dance he hopes to inspire those who never thought to look to dance as an outlet for expression, as well as, he hopes to show that positivity can come from Downtown Las Vegas, where he was born and raised. Currently he is on the active roster for High Profile, a co-director of their junior team Ground Zero and is an alumnus of FORMALity Las Vegas and EKETC. He is also a part of People of the Sun out of Las Vegas, and the Warriors crew out of Los Angeles. Other credits include: Season 2 of America’s Got Talent, Nike, Microsoft, Mattel, Tankfarm, and the MAGIC convention. 1st place finishes at Pro-Am Las Vegas, Vegas Shakedown, and XPOZ your skills hosted by KVEG 97.5 Las Vegas.

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