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HI CHI TAI Kenpo. This practical self-defense system is designed for modern streets not the streets of some ancient land long ago or a distant foreign culture.  You will learn a highly practical self defense system with direct, logical, and instinctive movements that do not rely on physical strength or size to work. As an HI CHI TAI Kenpo practitioner, you will be equipped for every situation you can imagine. You will learn a complete self-defense, one that teaches all aspects of self-defense.


HI CHI TAI Kenpo is a tailored art, which means it is designed to fit you. The movements of Kenpo are based on natural body movements. You will never be asked to do something that you cannot do or that is dangerous to perform. You will learn how to effectively defend yourself against attack effectively with practical and logical self-defense movements.


While structure and discipline are important in the martial arts environment, the instruction does not follow a militaristic format.  Many schools do not allow talking and frown upon questioning the instructors. We are not afraid of questions and we encourage you to ask them. We want you to know all facets of the HI CHI TAI practical Kenpo style and questioning is how you learn the whys.

All of our karate classes stress correct technique in both aspects of this style. Belt level is determined by the instructor, and and a test. All students receive corrections during class to help them advance. Students advance to the next level based on passing a test for the next color belt.


Class Attire

We require that all beginner students wear a black shorts  with white shirt.

All students with a belt are required to wear a Gi.


No shoes are allowed in the class.

Hair is to be pulled back off the face and into a pony tail.

Karate Schedule