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At Legacy Dance

We believe that taking dance is more than just learning the art of dance! You learn self-confidence, discipline, grace, strength, and the true joy of accomplishment. All of which help us become better dancers and in our every day life.

Your child will learn technique and still have fun while achieving a high level of performance. We understand that some of your children want to do other things outside of the dance world and we encourage and support that. We feel that it is possible for your child to do the things that they love to do such as school activities, sports, church, etc. and still be able to take dance classes. We also feel that you should have time for you and your family.

All of our teachers on staff have been professional dancers in the field of dance. Which means they have an extensive knowledge of  their art to offer and know how to perform and achieve professional status in dance. They also have a teaching background along with their performance background so you get the best of both worlds which is what makes the BEST teacher!!

We offer competitive and recreational level classes so that you can choose which path is right for you and your specific dance goals.


Please remember that the first class is always FREE to try. Come by the studio to start dancing the days away.